Soheil Baptism

Belfast - May 2014

I met Soheil when he arrived in Dublin at the beginning of 2014. He was very interested in knowing more about Christianity. His uncle had been speaking to Him about the Lord while he was in Iran.  I started meeting Soheil 3 or 4 times a week. We read the Bible together, I did the Christianity Explored Course with him as well as the Word of Life course, which is designed for Muslim Background Believers. Due to circumstances, Soheil and his family moved to Belfast. We kept in contact by phone, and he attends the Iranian Service in Belfast. Soheil gave his life to the Lord through the courses we had done and the Meeting Point in Lisbon Road and asked to be baptised. It was a wonderful day, and so many of us were blessed, including those who are not yet believers. We are thankful to Windsor Baptist Church for letting us use their building. To Ivan from Windsor Presbyterian Church and Keith from The Meeting Point in Lisbon road for their support and encouragement by being with us on the day and for all their ministries in Belfast.


Posted 18/12/2014

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