Sarah was baptised on the 21 June 2015. She arrived in Belfast on her own and connected with other Iranians in Belfast who introduced her to the Iranian Church.  She left Iran for a better life.

She wanted to know more about Christianity and who Jesus really is.  She attended the Bible Studies in Belfast and over time, through the Holy Spirit, started to understand.

Her interview in Northern Ireland didn’t go very well and she was very worried.  We prayed with her and encouraged her, she immediately felt the peace of God.  Ten days later she received a letter advising that her permanent residency in Northern Ireland had been approved.

She was so touched by this that she confessed that she had only wanted to know about Christianity to enable her to get her residency. However, God has touched her heart and she accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour and she wanted to be baptised.  She continued with Bible Studies and five months later she was baptised at the Iranian Service in Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast.

Posted 21/06/2015

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