Iranian Church Dublin

The monthly Iranian Church Service in Dublin is going well. At the last service we had over 25 people. Many of the Iranians coming to the Iranian Service now have their status and live in Dublin and this has helped the Iranian Church in Dublin grow.  I continue to have a weekly group and one to one Bible Studies, and go to visit Iranians in their homes and try to encourage them and help them grow in their faith. One of the other things I do is help them practically by trying to find them houses to rent, to get connected to Social, Setting up utility Bills and opening Bank accounts. This can be very challenging at times as I don’t think a lot of the places realize how difficult it is for Asylum Seekers and Refugees to set all these things up when they don’t know the system and cannot speak the language.  The good thing is that most of the time  I don’t have to go looking for Iranians they all come to me when they arrive whether they are Christian or not and this gives me opportunities to share the Gospel with those that do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted 03/04/2017

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