Hossein Baptism

Hossain grew up without a father as his father had died when he was 7 years old.  He longed to have a father figure in his life.  Due to his loneliness he started to call on god as his father.  He was brought up in a Muslim family and they taught him to obey and fear god.  As an adult Hossain has started his own family.

Two years ago one of Hossain’s close friends, who had an illness, told him someone had given him a Bible and prayed for him, and the God of the Bible healed him.  Hossain’s friend told him that he was praying for him and asked Hossain to read the Bible.

Hossain started to read the Gospel of Matthew and came to Chapter 6:9, the Lord’s Prayer, which read “our Father in Heaven”.  This touched his heart and he remembered that he was calling God father.  The Word of God touched his heart and he continued to read the Bible.  After reading the Bible for a while he started talking to God as his Father and this resulting in him having a relationship with God.

He experienced problems because of his faith and he had to leave Iran.  He arrived in Northern Ireland and started participating in our weekly Bible Studies and our Monday evening Skype Church as well as our Sunday church services.  He gave his life to the Lord during one of our Bible Studies and we prayed together.

Hossain was eager to understand more and to grow in his new and true faith.  After a while he wanted to be baptised.  We baptised him in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

Hossain has now found employment in Manchester and has subsequently moved there.  He is part of an Iranian Church in Manchester.

Please keep Hossain and his family in your prayers.

Posted 20/01/2016

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