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7 Week Training Course for Christians

The Muslim population is larger, more divers, and more visible than ever, and will continue to grow through biological growth,transfer growth and conversion growth.

Christians are more aware of Islam and Muslims as never before, but are not sure how to respond, and need help to respond with grace and truth, vision and faith, confidence and love.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have a Muslin friend, colleague or neighbour and ordinary Christians have more opportunities than ever before to reach out in friendship and witness to the Muslim people around them.
Islam has become an important world-view to understand and respond to. Even if you don’t know a Muslim you may be asked questions about Islam, or have questions yourself.

Engaging with Islam equips Christians to understand Islam and engage effectively with Muslims and those who make comments about Islam or have questions. Its goal is to help you to stand firm as a Christian, to defend the gospel and to address issues quickly and confidently. It not only considers Islam but also examines and defends key Christian teaching.

There are seven sessions. Each Session is a mix of preparation, group discussion,a DVD presentation and a time for Questions & Answers.

Session are as follows:

Session 1: The History of Islam
Session 2: The Books of Islam
Session 3: The Practices and Beliefs of Islam
Session 4: Test a Prophet
Session 5: How Islam is Promoted – Daweh
Session 6: Contending for the Faith
Session 7: Evangelism

Posted 24/08/2015

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