Engaging with Islam

Islam has become an important worldview to understand and respond to. Even if you don’t know a Muslim you may be asked questions about Islam, or have questions yourself. Engaging with Islam equips Christians to understand Islam and to engage effectively with Muslims and those who make comments about Islam or have questions. Its goal is to help you to stand firm as a Christian, to defend the gospel and to address issues quickly and confidently. It not only considers Islam but examines and defends key Christian teaching.


There are seven sessions, and each is a mix of preparation, group discussion and a DVD presentation.

The course syllabus is as follows:

  • Session 1: The History of Islam
  • Session 2: The Books of Islam
  • Session 3: The Practices and Beliefs of Islam
  • Session 4: Test a Prophet
  • Session 5: Promoting Islam – Dawah
  • Session 6: Contend for the Faith
  • Session 7: Evangelism

Course Details:

Date:            07/May/ 2015 (each Thursday  for 7 weeks)
Time:           7  pm
Venue:        42A Pearse St, Dublin
Cost:           €25.00

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A course aimed at understanding what Muslims believe, so as to hold more meaningful conversations with our friends and neighbours.

My name is Davood, I come from a Muslim background and I am one of the staff members in Irish Church Mission. I am serving Iranian people in the Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland (we are having church services in Dublin and Belfast in Farsi language) and also sharing the good news with Muslims.


I am running a course called Engaging with Islam. Islam is a subject that we can not get away from. Almost every night in the news there is something related to Islam. At present time there are many Muslim immigrants coming in to western countries. Islam is helping to shape the direction of our world, and it’s also a religion that can be hard to engage with, because we don’t know much about it, and we don’t know what to say. This may be because we are afraid to say something, for fear that something might happen to us. We know that people have been taken to court, because they have said something that offends Islam. Perhaps you think “Islam is not my business”. But as Christians Islam is our business. Christians are written about in the Koran (Islam holy book). Islam actively seeks to convert Christians. In truth Islam teaches a message different to the gospel, with different understanding and teaching about Jesus our Lord. They say that Jesus is a prophet, one who points to the coming of Mohammad.


So you see as Christians, Islam is our business. If your church is interested in finding out more about Islam, Engaging with Islam is the right course for your church. A course aimed at understanding what Muslims believe, so as to hold more meaningful conversations with our friends and neighbours.

For more information, email;

dublin@icm-online.ie   or  davoodkami@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 02/05/2015

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