Welcome to the Iranian Church Dublin & Belfast website.

We are an Evangelical church with a passion to reach out to Iranian and Farsi-speaking people in Ireland that they may come to know the Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Established by the Irish Church Missions, a Reformed Protestant mission agency within the Church of Ireland, we believe that God’s work is done God’s way, through the proclamation of the Word of God, the Bible.

Our aim is not only bring the Gospel to others, but also to train Christians to engage in loving evangelism of their Muslim neighbors.

Since the inception of the Iranian Ministry in 2006, by the grace of God, the ministry has grown.

When we talk about Iran, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a Muslim Country. However, in this Muslim country the Spirit of God is moving and our Lord Jesus is at work by calling Iranian and Muslim people around the world into giving their lives to Jesus.

Over the years many more Iranians have arrived in Ireland. When they arrive in Ireland most of them do not speak English and have no idea of the cultural differences.

We started the Ministry by helping Iranians when they arrived in the country with translation as well as accompanying them to the different offices they needed to go in order to process their applications to stay in Ireland. This has given us an opportunity to share the Gospel as we do not charge them for the translating, travel or our time.

This has been a great encouragement to us as we have seen those who have been in darkness turn to Jesus Christ and accept The Lord as their personal Savior.