Dublin Church Service

At the beginning of May we re-launched the Iranian Church Service in Dublin.

Some of the families who were sent to other parts of Ireland have now returned to Dublin.  We are happy to advise that there were 14 Iranians at this service which was very encouraging.  This was the first time that some of them were able to worship the Lord together in song in Farsi.

After the service we enjoyed a meal together which was prepared by one of the Iranians.  It was a most encouraging day with wonderful fellowship.

The next day some of the people either texted or called me to say how much they enjoyed the service as well as the fellowship, and that they were so encouraged and built up.

In the beginning we plan to have at least one service a month and then hopefully twice a month.

We thank the Lord as it is He who is building His church not us, we are only servants of God.

Posted 10/05/2016

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