Baptism in Finaghy Baptist Church Belfast

In January we were invited by Finaghy Baptist Church to join them as they baptized a young man called Michael. When Michael first arrived Roger from Finaghy asked me to meet with him and Michael. Michael attended their Church and wanted to be baptized. When he was ready to be baptised they contacted me again and asked me to speak in their Sunday morning service and to speak and be part of the afternoon Baptism service. They invite all the Iranians from the Iranian Church to the Baptism Service and a lunch afterwards. We had a lovely lunch bought from one of the Iranian restaurants in Belfast. We praise God for this connection and this wonderful Church of God. They were so welcoming to us and all the Iranians. About 50 Iranians joined with the Congregation of Finaghy Baptist Church to celebrate this joyous occasion. The day was very special and they made every effort to make us all feel at home.

Posted 10/02/2017

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