Arash Baptism

Arash arrived in Belfast from Iran.  He is a young man and born into a Muslim family.  He had to obey and practice the Islam faith.  He did not have any confidence in Islam and knew that he could not please God with his life. He felt that he was not good enough to be right with God.

One day a friend of Arash spoke to him about Jesus and told him that Christ died that we may have life.  Arash found this difficult to understand and he had a lot of questions.  Arash’s friend took him to a home church and he started to read the Bible, and he began to see the light.   The police raided during one of their Home Church meetings and arrested some of our friends and some others ran away.  He arrived in Belfast after having to leave the country.

Arash started attending our Church services and Bible Studies as well as the weekly Monday evening Skype church.  He gave his life to the Lord during one of our church services and we prayed together.  He was eager to understand more and to grow in his new and true faith.

After a while Arash wanted to be baptised and we baptised him in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

Posted 20/01/2016

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