Baptism & Harvest Service in Sligo

Neda is an Iranian believer who arrived in Dublin a few months ago.  She has been attending our Church in Dublin since she arrived here.  We were very happy and we welcomed her.

At the time she was living in Balseskin which is a refugee or asylum centre where many people from different backgrounds and nationalities live together.  She was happy as she could be part of the Church and read and discuss the Bible in her own language which was very important to her.  However, after a while the government informed her that they need space in Balseskin and they sent her to Sligo.  She was very unhappy about leaving Dublin and disconnected with the Iranian Church.  We ensured her that we would keep in contact with her and she could continue taking part in our Skype Church which would enable her to have fellowship with other believers.

When in Sligo she was very down.  We introduced her to the Presbyterian Fellowship Church.  Rev Mitchell who is the pastor of the Church welcomed her and the people there tried to show her the love of God.  After a while she felt at home there.

She continued to be in contact with us by phone as well as taking part in our Skype Church.  She decided that because she was a believer and due to the fact that she could not be baptised in Iran she would like to be baptised.

Together we spoke to the Pastor Alan Mitchell at the Presbyterian Church about baptising her and the date was set for Sunday, the 1st November.  On Saturday my wife and I travelled from Dublin to Sligo.  We met with Neda who was very sad as a few days before a lady in the refugee centre started beating her.  Neda was very scared and did not feel safe.  We tried to comfort her with the love of God and reminded her that she was not alone The Lord is with her and that she should continue to trust God.

On Saturday evening we took her out for dinner.  We spent quality time together and we prayed together.

On Sunday the 1st November, a lovely sunny morning, I prayed for her during the service whereafter my colleague, Allan Mitchell baptised her in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  With Neda was a South Korean lady who was also baptised.  After the baptism we bought flowers which we gave to both Neda and the South Korean lady.  The lady from South Korea was nearly in tears as she said that it was the first time in her life that she had received flowers from a man.  I told her that The Lord Jesus Christ gave her eternal life which cannot compare with the flowers I was giving her.  She was very encouraged.

After the service eight of us went for lunch where we had good fellowship together, we prayed together. In the afternoon we spent time with Neda and the lady from South Korea and two other ladies.

The Minister of the Presbyterian Church gave me the opportunity to share in the Harvest Service in his Church.  The Church was full and the Sligo Gospel Choir was with us as well and we all enjoyed singing along with the choir.  It was an amazing atmosphere in the Church.  You could feel that The Holy Spirit was moving.  I shared the Word of God with the people and I saw they were very interested how The Lord God is saving the Muslims in Iran and outside Iran.  I reminded them of the Word of God which says “man does not live by bread alone but by every Word of God” and I encouraged them to work with the people around them and to share the Gospel with them, especially foreigners as they feel so lonely here as The Lord says the Harvest is many but the worker is few.  I encouraged them to be an example of love of God and to take every opportunity show the love of God and to share the Word of God to people.  It was a very blessed evening but also somehow tiring as we ended at 10pm and we had to travel for 3 hours to get home.

It was amazing and I enjoyed it, and hopefully we will have more baptisms in Sligo.  We are still in contact with Neda who continues to be part of our Skype Church.

We give thanks to God for His love and the way in which He calls people home to Himself.

Posted 21/11/2015

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