Nassar, Musumeh & Sarah’s Baptism – South Hill Evangelical Church Dublin

On the 20th September 2015 NASSAR, MASUMEH and SARAH were baptised in South Hill Church by Vincent of the Fellowship Church, Walkinstown.  Hassan and Sheku came to Ireland many years ago and they were one of the first Iranian families when the Church started in Dublin.  Over the years we have been good friends and in the last year they have introduced me to Hassan’s brother in Turkey by phone.  He became a part of the Skype Church.  Hassan’s wife, Sheku started talking to her parents and encouraged them to pray to Jesus.  They started watching Christian television channels.  One day while listening to an Iranian pastor, the Holy Spirit touched them and her father and mother knelt down and gave their lives to the Lord Jesus.  That was the beginning of their new life in the Lord Jesus and they were not the same.  They have been retired for many years but they know that they now have a new mission.  They want to know more about the Lord Jesus and spent many hours in front of the television watching and listening to different pastors.  However, this was not enough for them, they wanted to read the Word of God for themselves but they did not have a Bible.  Naser and Masumeh started to pray and ask God for help.  They prayed for many days, and still, they could not find a Bible.  After a period of time the Lord answered their prayers and they received a Bible.  They came to Ireland and have been a part of Skype Church since their arrival.  After having been in Ireland for a few months they asked to be baptised.  Their granddaughter, who is a believer, asked to be baptised with them.  It was a beautiful day and very encouraging for me.  I saw Hassan and Sheku come to know the Lord and be baptised as well as their daughter Sarah, and Sheku’s parents.  What a testimony of the Lord’s mercy and love for His children.

Posted 20/09/2015

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