The next baptism of REZA and NASIM took place on the 13th September 2015 during the Iranian Service at Windsor Baptist Church.  Reza was brought up in a Muslim family, but after moving to the United Kingdom he ceased to practise his religion.  When I met Reza in Dublin I gave him an Iranian (Farsi) Bible.  I suggested that he should read it with faith and ask God to reveal Himself to him.  I never saw Reza for a long period after that.  About three years later he attended an Iranian Service in Belfast.  Reza said that he had many questions and had many dreams.  I prayed with him and encouraged him to attend Church regularly as well as to continue reading the Bible.  A few weeks later Reza with his fiancée, who is also Iranian, attended church.  She wanted to come to the Bible Studies with him and we welcomed her to our weekly Studies.

They are both very eager to know more about our Lord Jesus.  Reza and his fiancée approached me after attending our service one Sunday, and said that they believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus died for their sin.  We prayed together and they opened their hearts to the Lord Jesus, and confessed, repented and asked the Lord Jesus to come into their lives. I asked Ivan from Windsor Presbyterian Church to be a part of this special day by sharing Gods word.

Posted 16/08/2015

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